Why Raw Food

It is the most nutritionally dense food on the planet.

The body easily absorbs and assimilates the nutrients and water in natural fruits and vegtables.

My body has proved to me by its response to my raw vegan diet that those foods bring about a well functioning, balanced, healthy condition.

What I have discoved is that my body is self healing when I supply it with the nutrients it needs and don’t contaminate it with things that are toxic to it.

There is a sort of high I feel, I expect is similar to the runners high, from the mental clarity and energy I experience.

General Raw Vegan Dietary Info

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is entirely plant based and void of all animal products – including eggs, fish and dairy.

A raw vegan diet consists entirely of uncooked, unprocessed, whole plant foods. Examples of what a raw “foodist” might eat are; fresh vegetables and salads, fruits and fruit smoothies, and nuts and seeds.
What is the difference between Raw Food and Living Food?

Although the definitions of raw vary, it is commonly held that for a food to be raw it must have not been heated over 118 degrees F.
A living food may or may not be a raw food (it may have been cooked at one point), but it has been re-enlivened or populated with living cultures. Examples would be kombucha tea, miso, tempeh, kim chee and krauts, etc.

Where do I get my protein?
This is probably the most common question and the answer is that I’m not really that concerned with protein intake. Yes, I do consume some protein in the seeds and nuts I eat as well as the blue green algea I take daily. The dark leafy greens I consume daily also contain protein. The human body breaks protein down into amino acids, so I cut out the middle man and eat foods that are rich in amino acids – ALL uncooked fruits and vegetables.

Weight Loss
Eating a raw or living foods diet is one of the most effective ways to safely lose weight and keep it off. It is not uncommon for people to lose 25 lbs or more their first month of going raw.