Optimal Health

The first step to Optimal Health is taking responsibility for your self; body (physical condition), mind (beliefs & thougths), spirit (your consciousness).  When you focus your attention on your intention you consciously create your reality.

In order to have Optimal Health you need balance, which means we need to look at all three of these aspects of the human self, body, mind and spirit.

In my opinion first and foremost Optimal Health comes from our personal relationship and connection to the Divine, which is expressed in the physical through the human body.  The human body is a bag of bones that houses the Holy Spirit (Life Force Energy).  This is the Spiritual aspect of Optimal Health.

Body - Mind - Spirit

The mental aspect of Optimal Health is the renewing of our mind that sends signals to the body, cells, DNA for change.  It is about our beliefs about our body and its condition.  How we see and feel about ourselves.

The physical aspect of Optimal Health is about fueling the cells with the most nutritional foods.  Raw and living foods are the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet and the live Life Force Energy will give you more energy and vitality.  Processed and cooked foods have only a small amount of Life Force Energy and minimal if any nutrition for the bodies cells.

This site mostly addresses the physical aspect of Optimal Health and I have found two important aspects to be detoxing and cleansing the cells and maintaining the optimal PH Balance.

More in-depth information under Alkalizing and Balancing & Detox and Cleansing pages.