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Chicago Raw Food Community –

There are three I belong to and want to share with you:

Chicago Raw Food Community organized by rawgirl Ariane since 2008
This group began in 2006 and now has 1023 members. It is a very active group with a large variety of great meetups around the Chicagoland area. Ariane is also the organizer of The Green Synergy week-end.

Are you in the Chicagoland area and new to Vegan Raw/Living Food nutrition?  This is the place to connect with local people, places and events that are dedicated to supporting whatever level of interest you may have in Raw/Living Food nutrition and more.

Are you experienced and looking to explore further, connect and share?

Then THIS is the place for a truly free forum. We will do our best (and ask for your help and support) to provide you with the most comprehensive resource for ALL things Raw/Living in the Chicago area (and beyond). Everyone is encouraged to post! All we ask is that you do so with love and respect.

ANY community-minded individuals are more than welcome to serve as assistant organizers of this group. It will be run by committee.

We are TOTALLY a COMMUNITY-based group seeking to represent the interests of ALL without bias for or against any local businesses or individuals. Please help us and yourselves toward that goal! Let’s REALLY come together as a community for the benefit of ALL!

Living Food, Vitality and Transformation organized by Walt Ingvoldstad
When I was first told by my doctor that I had 10 weeks to improve my blood results or be put on several medications Walt is where I was guided. Three of my friends had just finished a couple months of detox and cleansing with Walt and were all in good health from a raw diet and had lost weight fast. This is his meetup founded in 2009 and there are 165 members. Walt is a great guy and has so much to share including his own regeneration healing story. Next to the motivation from my body Walt is who inspired me to believe I could transform my health and life. I will be forever grateful for the guidance I got from Walt and highly recommend him as a resource you should investigate if you are interested in healing your body and life. Any meetup he has would be well worth your attendance.

The Spiritual Connection organized by Dorothy and co-organized by Jean Shinners
This group was originally organized in 2007 by a friend of mine Andrew Axelrod. He started it for a couple of healing groups around the city. In 2010 Dorothy took over and today there are 252 members. I facilitate a Wellness Circle on Wednesday nights in Des Plaines, IL and this is where I post the calendar of events along with other Chicagoland events by myself, son, daughter in law, friends & associates. Long term healing involves the transformation of our body, mind and spirit. These events explore the many aspects and possibilities of the human being. is a website for groups of like-minded people to connect and gather to share in common interests.  It is free to join; all you do is go to and look for the group name and then follow instructions.

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