Living Foods

My Best Advice

My best advice is very simple and one all the medical professionals agree on.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.   Incorporate more living foods into your daily diet routine, specifically dark green leaf vegetables and ripe fruits.  Radiant health comes from a diet made for human consumption and fortunately for us that was given to us when we showed up on this planet.

All the animals on this planet have been provided with the food for their optimal health.  It did not come with instructions on how to modify it for consumption; animals instinctively know exactly what to do.  It is that simple for us humans as well.  The beautiful fruits and vegetables draw us in with their bright colors and aromic scents, easy to gather and eat.  They were made perfect with all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need just as they are.  Raw fruits and vegetables contain the same Life Force Energy that our bodies do; that is in every living thing.  If you want more energy eat foods that contain real Life Force Energy and watch your body, mind and spirit come alive.


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